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Ukpong’s large-scale sculptures installations are from his BC1: SPECULATIVE OBJECT series. The sculptures are used as film props and performance objects made from repurposed and recycled oil industrial materials waste. While some sculptural forms draw from Nsibidi pictograms and ideograms – from Southeastern Nigeria and western Cameroon, Ukpong is interested in creating objects that employ engineering and local symbolism as a tool to explore how objects can materialize science-fictional structures to provoke and support speculative thought around an environmentally sustainable future. Color is also highly symbolic: red and black reflect the violence of spilled blood and its source, crude oil, while yellow represents the hope for a better future in the region.

Site Installation “The Return of the Object” at Blazing Century Studios, Nigeria 

(c. 2017)

Installation Site, BC-1: NIGER-DELTA/FUTURE-COSMOS, at AF/Mike Adenuga Centre, Lagos, Nigeria (c 2020)

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