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To coincide with the screening of his award-winning Afro-futuristic short film FUTURE-WORLD-EXV at the Royal Society of Arts London - in the lead-up to the Glasgow COP26 Climate Change Conference in November 2021 - Nigerian-born artist-filmmaker Wilfred UKPONG and his team at BLAZING CENTURY STUDIOS has created FUTURE-WORLD-EXV: DREAM CHASERS ON A FLOATER. The artwork is an edition of 400 art-photographic prints available for £1,000 (390 prints in medium size) and $5000 (10 pints in large size) to raise funds for the ongoing construction of CRUDELAND FOUNDATION, Ukpong's newly established non-profit international artist-in-residence/creative academy space in the Niger Delta, the artist place-of-birth in Southern Nigeria. The foundation founded and designed by Ukpong will promote youth empowerment, creative development, cultural dialogue, human rights, environmental justice, and climate change.


FUTURE-WORLD-EXV: DREAM CHASERS ON A FLOATER is a compelling visual representation of the precarious conditions of life in the Niger Delta. The artwork is a poetic reflection on the regional environmental degradation, exploitation and subsequent climate migration prevalent in the region and other parts of Africa. The sale of print editions to individual and institutional collectors is part of Ukpong's £500,000 campaign to raise funds for the construction of the two-floor -1200.00 square meters - building. Acquiring the artwork will allow you to be an active participant in building this significant art and creative center and secure your name - on the bitumen coated wall of the building’s entrance - as a founding patron and pivotal contributor to building a cause for change in the Niger Delta. Ukpong believes the space will act as a catalyst in creating new systems of knowledge productions and capacities for potential and generative futures.


Medium: Art-Photographic Print (Pigment Ink on museum-quality canvas)
Sizes: 100 cm x 55 cm (Medium/Unframed) & 150cm x 200cm (Large/Framed)

Edition of 390 (Medium Size) & Edition of 10 (Large Size)
Prices:  £1,000 (Medium Size) & £5,000 (Large Size)


To purchase a print, please contact;,

CRUDELAND FOUNDATION frontal design by Wilfred Ukpong. The artist draws on various industrial and marine architecture styles, referencing a floating oil production system, power turbines, gas flare-tip, and ships design in the Niger Delta. He brings together eclectic materials, geometric forms, and a stark, minimalist color palette to conceive a building that challenges typologies with the ability to unfold both cinematically and artistically as a dynamic and innovative eco-friendly multifaceted space.

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